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B  R  I  D  G  I  N  G       T  H  E        G  A  P

Welcome to our Church...

  • Growing Warmer through Fellowship

  • Growing Deeper through Discipleship

  • Growing Stronger through Worship

  • Growing Broader through Ministry

  • Growing Larger through Evangelism



Now as we look forward to the future, the priority remains the same.  We are called to minister and serve the deeply distressed of our world.

The next 25 years – Raise the Bar - As a church we must embrace technology to get the message of the cross to all people.  We need to shift and change the way we do business and get the message out.  We must use social media, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.  We must impact crime, education and provide inter-generational affordable housing, day program for seniors, and inter-generational after-school programs.  Remember, if we are not impacting by changing our surrounding, we are not leading, and if we are not networking we are not working.  We are Calvary, Bridging the Gap and Serving our Community.

The Mission is Possible

Pastor Cecil Henry

Our first public worship was held on Sunday, January 22, 1989 at 920 Park Place, Brooklyn NY at 11am.  Looking back, our congregation was a mixed multitude including a large group of ex-offenders.  These men were either on parole, just completing parole or just released from prison.  We groomed them to re-adjust to life in their communities to be productive citizens.  This was a redemptive experience to see the Grace of God on display, using these people to establish His work.  Twenty-five (25) years later we are still here; standing on the promise of our Commander-in-Chief.  “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  Calvary Community Church is not builton the talents of a few but the sacrifice of many.   What I am a part of its bigger than the part I play.

from our pastor's desk